Unique Characters

Unique Characters

Each player must create personalities for all of the models which have the Independent Character universal special rule. Players may also elect and are encouraged to produce names and personalities for other models such as unit upgrades or even vehicles.

No unique named characters are allowed from any previously published, official source. Official models may be used to represent a new personality, however kit-bashing is encouraged to produce a unique model.

House rules may be created for models invented for this campaign. Many codex HQ choices have rules for custom tailoring characters (e.g. Eldar Autarchs, Tau Crisis Commander, or Space Marine Captians – to name a few). In instances where no convention previously exists to create a rules profile for a character, players are encouraged to use their best judgment to propose rules for the other players to accept, accept with modifications, or to reject. All unique profiles must be justified by rationale based in the fluff.

Up to 3(?) specific models must be identified per player as Plot Modelsto be subject to the “character death” and “leveling up” rules (below).

Leveling Up

All Plot Models used in an engagement have a d6 rolled at the end of every mission, on a roll of a 6 they level up and can roll for a permanent bonus on the table below. The following modifiers apply to see if the make a Level Up roll:

  • +1 If the model or the unit attached to it kills an enemy unit
  • +1 If the model is not removed as a casualty at the end of the game
  • -1 If the model is removed as a casualty/destroyed at the end of the game
d6 Result Ork Character Tau Characters Character/Vehicle
1 +1 S +1 Ld (or Fearless) +2 A or +1 BS
2 +1 T + 1 BS Same as Above
3 +1 W Relentless +1 HP or Fleet
4 +1 Ld + 1 Sv Same as Above
5 +1 Sv +1 I +1 to F and S AV
6 FNP +1 Skyfire or TL Same as Above
Character Death

If a Plot Model dies during a mission, then roll a d6 on the following table to see the consequence. If the character is already suffering from minor wounds then add 1 to the result, if they are suffering from major wounds then add 2 instead. If a model survives a battle then it will have all wounds downgraded one step.

D6 Result Ork Character Tau Characters Character/Vehicle
1 Unscathed Unscathed Unscathed
2-3 Minor Wounds Minor Wounds Minor Wnds
-1 S -1 BS -1 BS/WS
-1 I Difficult Terrain -1 HP
-1 A -1 A
4-5 Major Wounds Major Wounds Major Wounds
-1 W -2 LD -1 I
-1 Ld -1 W -1 AV
Previous Wounds Previous Wounds Previous Wounds
6 Dead Dead Dead

Unique Characters

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