Big Mekboss Scrappschukka

Bigmek Boss Scrapchukka [275 points]

WS BS S Front Side Rear I A HP Unit Type Unit Composition
Scrapchukka 4 2 10 13 13 11 2 3 3 Vehicle (Walker, Character) 1 (Unique)
  • Two Rippa Klaws
  • Mega Rattler Kannon
  • Kustom Force Field
  • Grot Riggers
  • Fixin’ Klaws
Special Rules
  • Ramshackle Monster
  • Rage
  • Warlord
  • Ere’ we Go
Warlord Trait
  • Irrational Genius

Irrational Genius Table
D6 Effect
1-2 Scrap-covered Monstrosity: Layers of apparently useless scrap cover the vehicle. Their intended function is a
mystery, but they do help absorb damage inflicted on it.
If this vehicle had the Fast type, it loses it. If it did not have the Fast type, it becomes Heavy. In addition, it gains
+1 Hull Point.

3-4 Supa Turbo-thrusta: One or more huge jet engines have been crudely bolted to the vehicle, allowing it move at
astonishing bursts of speed.
If the vehicle has the Heavy type it loses it, and if it did not have the Heavy type it gains the Jink special rule. On
any turn in which the vehicle does not move Flat Out, it may choose to activate the Supa Turbo-thrusta in the
Shooting phase. When the Supa Turbo-thrusta is activated, the controlling player must roll a D6.
During a Supa Turbo-thrusta move the vehicle is unaffected by difficult terrain, but takes Dangerous Terrain tests
as normal. If the move ends in impassable terrain then backtrack along the direction of movement until the
vehicle can be placed outside of impassable terrain. This option may be applied to non-Flyers.

5-6 Armour Burnin’ Dakka: The shells and power packs of the vehicle have been ‘improved’ with a variety of
phosphic acid payloads and dangerous energy shunts that enhance their ‘killyness’ at the expense of operator
safety. Most Orks fail to see any downside in this exchange.
The controlling player may, in any turn or phase, choose to fire any of the weapons on this vehicle using the
Armour Burnin’ Dakka when they would normally be allowed to shoot with the vehicle – this choice is made
before any dice are rolled for that shot. The chosen weapons gain the Rending and Gets Hot special rules.

The Mega-Rattler Kannon

Mega Rattler kannon 36" 5 5 Heavy 2D6, Jam!

Jam!: 2D6 are rolled each time the rattler kannon is
fired to determine the number of shots fired. If this roll
results in a double 1, the weapon is treated as though it
had been affected by a Weapon Destroyed result on the
Vehicle Damage table, but suffers no loss of Hull Points.
Note that a Mek may attempt to repair this damage as

Kustom Force Field

All models, friendly and enemy, within 6" of Bigmek Boss
Scrapchukka equipped with a kustom force field gain a
5+ cover save against shooting attacks.

Fixin’ Klaws

Bigmek Boss Scrapchukka is equipped with fixin’ klaws
and counts as having a set of Mek’s tools (and may
attempt to fix itself, when not affected by either a Crew
Stunned or Crew Shaken damage result, as well as
other vehicles). In addition, the fixin’ klaws grant the
Meka Dread the Rage special rule (already included in
the Meka Dread’s profile).

Big Mekboss Scrappschukka

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