Artuo IV Campaign

The Art of Kauyon

or Open Season on the Blueberries


The compromised Tau communications meant that Commander Soulfire was not met with any reinforcements. Commander Everstrong’s Rapid Insertion Cadre was deployed over a tor’kan to the east. She and her combat capable troops would act as bait to lure the Ork forces toward Commander Everstrong’s position; a textbook Kauyon ambush. This would also give her wounded forces a chance to re-group and triage unmolested. Not all of the Ork forces would follow; Scrappschuckka would leave Mek Krunchbag a chance for redemption, revenge, or just to get rid of him. Scrappschuckka had other concerns; this planet had other dangers lurking which needed a good smahin’.


The Objective for this mission is to cause as much damage to the enemy as possible.


The table is to be split into Hammer and Anvil deployment zones (p. 131 WH40K rulebook) and the Scrapchukkaz Badmoons player gets to select which deployment zone each player will use and then deploy. The COMBO FIST player must then deploy the following two units in the central area: 1.) Commander Soulfire escorted by the Crimson thunder and 2.) Pathfinder Team Teal (Shas’ui with a target lock and three pathfinders with rail rifles). The remainder of the COMBO FIST forces can then be deployed in that player’s deployment zone normally.


Either player may place forces in reserve.

First Turn

By default, the Scrapchukkaz Badmoons player will go first, with the COMBO FIST player seizing the initiative on a roll of 6+.

Game Length

The Variable Game Length rules are observed and are described on p. 133 of the WH40K rulebook.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the game, each player earns victory points equal to the point costs of their opponent’s removed or falling back models. The player with the most points wins.

Special Rules

Blueberry Bait: the COMBO FIST Models deployed to the central area of the board at the beginning of the game have the Hit and Run universal special rule for the duration of this encounter.


Commander Soulfire led the Ork forces towards a river crossing, where an ancient bridge still stood spanning over a small muddy river. The Tau had taken up positions on the far bank of the river in wooded cover and in ruins. The Shas’el, the Crimson Thunder, and Teal Team Six were deployed on the far bank of the river from the Orkish deployment zone. The big Mek, Trukk, and the Boyz and Tank Bustas were all poised to cross the bridge, while the Morkanaut, and Buggy would ford the river.

Turn 1

The Tau did not seize the initiative. Awakened by the thunderous advance, Fire Warrior Team Red was assaulted by a patch of carnivorous flora as they took up a firing position on the hill overlooking an ancient and dilapidated bridge. The bridge could not accommodate the entire Ork raiding party, only a trukk and a mek take the bridge, with boys swarmed behind them. The Gorkanaut rolled into the stream directly, as did a warbuggy. The Orks enjoyed a total of one dice in their psychic phase pool. Most of the fire is aimed at Commander Soulfire, which cost her the majority of her drones. Cover from bushes had managed to protect the pathfinder team from the killkannon fire. No assaults are possible.
The Tau hold their positions, with only the Crimson Thunder and Soulfire repositioning for cover and better firing positions. While the riptide blew a fuse trying to start the Nova Reactor, the Tau enjoyed a psychic phase with three dice. The Tau shooting devastated the Ork’s light vehicles. The truck was destroyed from pulse rifle fire from FireWarriors, and the buggy was nearly destroyed by pulse fire as well. The Burna Boyz that survived the trukk wreck were reduced to one fighting member by the Crimson Thunder. The Tau finished their initial firing with an assault on the war buggy by Pathfinder Team Teal: Feel the Teal.


Turn 2: Kauyon

The Ork Advance inexorably ground forward. Taking advantage of a gravometric anomaly, the surviving Burna Boy was flung far forward toward the Crimson Thunder. On the bridge, the Mek and Boys behind it continued to advance. The morkanaut sank into the streambed and became immobilized, halting its advance. Scrappschuckka received some unexpected help when the Green Baron appeared out of nowhere dive bombing in to strike. The Greenskins acquire one psychic dice. The volley fire from the Green Baron wrecks a tetra with extreme prejudice. The remaining burna boy did serious damage to Crimson Thunder, causing them to fall back to regroup. The combat effectiveness of Team Teal was reduced to zero by a slew of gun fire from ork boys. Fire warriors took casualties from killkannon fire. No assaults were possible as the shooting was too good.
The Tau Kauyon sprang into effect. Commander Everstrong deep struck behind the ranks of Ork boys at the far side of the bridge. Likewise, the Tau Air Caste arrived, having followed The Green Baron into the combat sphere with two barracudas in chase. The Kauyon was further buoyed with a psychic phase consisting of five dice. Five dice. The Green Baron was struck out of the sky by one of the barracudas, sending the flaming wreckage into the Big Mek. Commander Soulfire finished the Big Mek with her fusion blasters. Commander Everstrong and his team, equipped with burst cannons, flamers, and a smart missile system laid waste to the ranks of Boys and Tank Bustas. The remaining burna boy fell to a hail of pulse rounds delivered from fire warriors. Soulfire and the Crimson Thunder redeployed to support Everstrong, reinforcing the flank.

Turn 3

The Ork forces chaotically reacted to the devastating blow dealt by the Kauyon. The remaining Orks in the back line aggregate on Commander Everstrong’s team. He was able to fend off the assault. The Gorkanaut tried in vain to clear the skies. However, in the end, a four-dice psychic phase cannot allow the orks to regain their momentum.
The Tau responded with heavy fire from the ground and the air. Boosted by a psychic phase roll of six, the Tau forces reduced the Ork Forces to the Gorkanaut and the Battlewagon. Commander Soulfire and the Crimson Thunder reposition themselves to encircle the stuck mechanized behemoth.


Turn 4

Krunchbag and a posse of Nobs spilled out of the Gorkanaut and charged the Tau side of the river. The remaining Ork forces rallied amidst a whopping six psychic dice. The mob took aim on Soulfire, and despite drones, stealth technology and the copious cover of twisted and burnt-out Orkish wreckage, she was silenced.
The Tau returned fire after a healthy psychic phase consisting of five dice, with pulse weaponry, a nova-charged riptide attack, and a fist-full of smart missiles. After the barrage, only Krunchbag was left standing. The Gorkanaut was set alight with a barrage of seeker missiles, leaving a Battle Wagon and Krunchbag himself remaining.

Turn 5

Krunchbag swells with a WAAGGGHHHH!!! and three psychic dice in his pool. Charging up the river bank, he engages the Devilfish, checks it, and subsequently wrecks it. The Battle Wagon silences commander Everstrong and his escort with direct tank fire.
The Tau bring all of their firepower down on Krunchbag, but his lucky stick protects him.

Turn 6

Krunchbag miraculously senses a fortoutious anomaly and time boosts in an attempt to assault the Riptide. But that alone cannot make up the distance; nor can the heady psychic phase with six dice.
The Tau eschew the psychic phase, and after a full round of shooting, the riptide and all of the available firewariors assault and capture the Mek. Fearing retribution, the Battle Wagon retreated, heading back to report on the failure of Krunchbag.



The Kauyon worked, but the Orks exacted a savage toll on the Tau to put a foot hold on the planet’s surface. Despite shattering the Ork offensive, Commander Soulfire was nearly dead and would join dozens from her cadre back up to the Unity for medical treatment. Commander Everstrong himself was wounded badly, but would stay until relieved by the Shas’o or the Aun. Until then, he had one of the Ork leaders, and numerous questions.


Eversor sheareraehs

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