Shas'el Fal'shia Ta'suam

Shas’el Ta’suam or Commander Soulfire, commands the Stealth Recon Cadre for the COMBO FIST Contingent. Typically, she paves the way forward for the Armored Interdiction Cadre or for the Mobilized Hunter Cadre. However she has proven to be very skilled in initiating the kauyon; luring the enemy into position while another Cadre delivers the killing blow.

It was clear to the Ethereal Counsel of Fal’shia from very early on that the young Commander Soulfire would rise through the ranks to become one of the empire’s great Fire Caste heroines. Her lineage could be traced back to the original colonists that transformed the wilderness of Fal’shia and made it into a Sept world. She was a prodigy and excelled during her primary education, allowing for her to be put into advanced placement into officer school at a young age. There, she was selected for an accelerated program at Fal’shia’s premier Fire Case Academy. She demonstrated fierce aptitude for improvisational tactics and forward operations. Once she had grown enough to accommodate battlesuit armor, she quickly earned qualifications for piloting vx15 and vx25 battlesuits. Additionally, during officer’s training, she demonstrated superior leadership skills and a passionate enthusiasm for the Greater Good, earning her the nickname: Soulfire. She left the academy with the rank of Shas’vre.

Souflire served in several patrols on the Southern Galactic border of the empire as a vx25 Team Leader. After she had logged the minimum requirements for promotion eligibility, she returned to Fal’shia to begin training on the new vx9 platform and to begin the promotion trials. Her growing reputation caught the eye of Aun’bentu, who saw qualities in the young Soulfire reminiscent to the legendary Commander Shadowsun. The wise Aun approached Soulfire about serving on the frontier in a special assignment: COMBO FIST. Being personally requested by one of the Ethereal Caste, she accepted the position without hesitation. Soulfire completed her promotion trials on Elan’tor under Shas’o Cal’d’yi; surpassing the already high expectations placed upon her. With the rank of Shas’el, she was also gifted her first assignment, the rigorous field testing of the vx21 battlesuit.
The mission to Artuo IV would be her first command of a cadre and her furthest deployment from the Empire.

Rules for Commander Soulfire can be found here.

Shas'el Fal'shia Ta'suam

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