COMBO FIST Contingent

For the Greater Awesome


Contingent Description

The COMbined BOrk’an and Fal’shia Integration Systems Testing Contingent, or COMBO FIST Command is a joint operation between Bork’an and Fal’shia Sept worlds. This Contingent is part of a larger Command of Fire and Air Caste assets based on the colony world of Elan’tor. Elan’tor is an L5 Trojan planet in the habitable region of a yellow dwarf star in the galactic south of the Tau Empire and relatively close to the Sept worlds. This command has the primary mandate of frontier defense. However, the command also devotes resources toward assistance in colony development and terraforming, support of the Water Caste operating out of Elan’tor, and field testing. COMBO FIST Contingent was formed specifically to address the mandate for prototype field testing, technology integration trials, new system integration procedures, and alien technology assessments.


COMBO FIST Contingent is currently divided into five different Fire Cast Cadres, an Air Caste Squadron, and is advised by Aun’o Bork’an Bentu:

  • Mobilized Hunter Cadre, led by Shas’o Bork’an Cal’d’yi
  • Stealth Recon Cadre, led by Shas’el Fal’Shia Ta’suam
  • Armored Interdiction Cadre, led by Shas’el Bork’an Oi’nan
  • Rapid Insertion Cadre, led by Shas’el Dal’yth Tash’re
  • Firebase Support and Auxiliary, Cadre led by Shas’el Dal’yth Es’mesa
  • Air Support Squadron, led by Kor’o Fal’Shia Korst’la

COMBO FIST Contingent

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