Scrapchukkaz Badmoons

Ur Loot is Our Dakka!


No one knows for sure where Scrapchukka’s boys originated from, but his flashy gitz have been a thorn in Imperial and Tau supply lines for quite some time. Scrapchukkaz fleet of well-kitted out rocks had excelled in ambush attacks along the asteroid fields of the Black Reef. His Waagh had attracted attention far and wide in the Jericho Reach sector, and it was starting to seem like his boys momentum was going destroy all in its path. There tactics becoming more and more brazen.

The Scrapchukkaz fleet had gotten to bold however and decided to stop being sneaky and to have a bloody campaign on the outskirts of the eastern fringe, but there blunt assault on the Tau were starting to be push the Orks back after being led into several well planned counter-attacks.

Scrapchukka had to make a choice that no ork enjoys having to make when the fighting starts to get good. He ordered his Rok the “The Slamma-Hammah” to fall back while the rest of his fleet mucked up his enemies to slow there advance.

He found a nearby planet, Artuo IV, that his trusted adviser and weirdboy named “Snotz” informed him to dig his rock into. Scrapchukka was tired of floating in void so he agreed. His boys began to explore and fortify there newly formed bastions and soon learned that a good fight was to be had on this strange planet. The beasts were out for a good krumpin and strange relics strewn around ancient ruins were ripe for the picking. Everything would have been fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the clever Tau gitz somehow finding out where his boys were hiding. His 2nd in command “Krunchbag” discovered (using a intricate yet junky use of scanning satelites) that a scout fleet of Tau forces had weaved through the Ork lines to hunt down Scrapchukka and end his Waagh once and for all. The boys were lacking there typical numbers but they were ready to start ripping up those damn blueberries.


Scrapchukkaz Badmoons

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