Artuo IV Campaign

Git to Runnin'


Krunchbag had Mork…(or was it Gork?) on his side. A stray unit of veteran kommando’s found the Warboss in a sticky predicament and decided to help break free da boss for future favors. But it won’t be easy, as nightfall descended over the Tau campsite. Alarms go off as a gigantic explosion causes disarray and the security force descended on the escapee.


The Ork Player needs to have Mek Krunchbag survive all five games under an ever-increasing Tau threat. The Tau player must not let him escape.


Both forces are organized as unbound lists. The Ork-forces are to be totaled at no more than 350 Points (no vehicles, no mega-armor). The Tau forces begin at 100 points and increase by 50 points for each subsequent game and can have completely different list compositions game-to-game (*See Game Length) (No flyers, no armor above 12). The Battlefield is to be an Arena Style Circle: 3ft Diameter, each opponent starts at opposite sides of the circle, no further out than 12 Inches out.


No Reserves.

First Turn

Standard initiative rules are observed.

Game Length

The scenario is to be as many as five games. Each game is to represent an increasingly stronger Tau response. The Skrappchucka’s Boyz Player is to prepare an unbound 350 point list that includes Mek Krunchbag. The COMBO FIST Contingent Player prepares five separate and potentially unrelated unbound lists starting at 150 points. Each successive list can total an additional 50 points with the maximum points being 350 points in game five.

Victory Conditions

The COMBO FIST Contingent wins if Mek Krunchbag succumbs to the Character Death rules described in the Artuo IV Campaign Wiki. If he does not, then he escapes and the Skrappchukka’s Boyz Player wins.

Special Rules

You gotta be dumb’ if ya wanna’ be tough: Krunchbag gains It Will not Die special rule.

Game 1



With the element of surprise, Krunchbag drew his ire on the Pathfinder Team Orange guarding him and made casualties out of half of them. The Komandos follow suit with less luck on the Firewarrior Team Red. The Pathfinders disregard their own safety and support the Firewarrior’s return fire on the Komandos. Several Orks go down and the rest run. Enraged at their cowardice, Krunchbag fells the remainder of the Pathfinders then made for the Firewarriors. After an exchange of fire from both parties, the Firewarriors ran and sound the alarm.

Game 2

Team Red secured a new firing point while Firewarrior Team Blue took up a flanking position with Pathfinder Team Teal supporting in between. Feel the Teal. Krunchbag persisted on Team Red, but was wounded with a combined volley from Teams Red and Blue.

Game 3

Krunchbag took up cover behind a boulder. Firewarrior Team Red and Teal Team Six flanked around one side while Firewarrior Team Blue was joined by Pathfinder Team Green. Reverting to his instincts, Krunchbag WAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!ed and lunged to assault Team Red. He was wounded again from the combined overwatch fire of all four teams.

Game 4

Krunchbag made one last attempt to break free of the encircling Tau gunline as Shas’nel Tan’re arrived to the commotion. This would prove to be his ultimate undoing. He once again took severe punishment weathering the overwatch fire from the combined Tau guard detail. His assault managed to embroil Teal Team Six. The rest of the Tau piled in to support the Pathfinders and silenced Krunchbag for good.


Mek Krunchbag came tantalizingly close to achieving freedom, however his support ran on him too soon, and Skrappchukka never sent any rescue raiding party. Surrender was not in his nature, and so he was extinguished in a blaze of glory and pulse fire; all in the name of The Greater Good.


Eversor sheareraehs

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