Artuo IV Campaign

Opening Shots

Assault on the Tau Landing Zone

Da First Scrap

It had only been a short time on Artuo IV but the Orks had already rooted there forces into the dense and dangerous jungles of the planet. The planet was filled with vast resources great for looting. Most of the ruins exposed out in the open had been far to long exposed to the environment to be on any value to the Orks but thanks to the guidance of Weirdboy Snotz, the boys had been locating locked bunkers deep underground that had da loot Scrappchukka could use.

With the jungles being so fierce and unpredictable Scrappchukka had his boys chug out a vast army of enclosed vehicles and sealed walkers to make movement a smidgen more possible for the boys. Scrappchuka was advised by his right hand Nob Krunchbag that they could expect a krump soon from possible Tau forces so while he was lootin the planet he had his Meks begin chuckkin’ Bommallitez out into the void to set up a trap for any kunnin’ Blueberries to come looking for him.

Eventually his paranoid tendencies paid off, as a few days after sending the bombs off, Krunchbag reported that the void sensorz were goin off and it was the Blueberries coming to finish off the job they didn’t finish back in the Black Reef. So Scrappchukka personally wanted to welcome the Tau to his new home, and went off with his personal retinue and best gear to the landing zone of the recon forces of the Tau.

First Contact

Artuo IV was once home to a global civilization, but all that remains are overgrown ruins stretching around the surface, a cloud of orbital debris clinging to low orbit, and a ring of geostationary relics. COMBO FIST’s orbital approach was detected by Skrappschukka, who left a constellation of observation satellites in the debris unbeknownst to the Tau. Shas’o Cal’d’yi’s first order of business was to establish a landing zone close enough for quick mobile strikes, yet far enough away from the fallen Ork hulks to provide warning of counter offensives.

Shas’o Cal’d’yi dispatched Shas’el Ta’suam and part of her Stealth Recon Cadre to establish a beachhead and clear a landing zone for the Mantas to deliver personal and assets en masse. Ta’suam and her command would be dropped off mid-air under cover of night without further support. The Air Caste would have to be tasked with keeping the substantial orbital and atmospheric threats at bay in the meantime.

The betrayal of the orbital environment would seem like a minor breach in etiquette compared to the hazards of Artuo IV’s surface. The flora and fauna were locked in a gruesome arms race fueled in a crucible of gravitational and atmospheric anomalies; none of which was sympathetic to the Tau and their goals. The relentless rain, thunder, and lightning greatly reduced the effectiveness of their sensors. Regardless, pathfinders went to quick work establishing an array of communication equipment and scouting the perimeter while the battle suits and the skimmers went about clearing vegetation.

There was little warning by the forward recon groups when the Green Tide came crashing out of the jungle.



The Tau Deployment Zone is a 12 inch radius from the very center of the board. Four objectives to represent the communications array are to be placed in the Tau deployment zone. No tau forces may be put into reserves. The Ork forces begin play in reserve entirely, except scouts may be deployed normally after Tau scouts (if any) have been deployed. The Ork forces will always take initiative and it cannot be seized.



First Turn

Game Length

Victory Conditions

Special Rules

  • Night Fighting
  • Indigenous Hazards
  • Strange Phenomenon

Turn 1

The Ork warband descended onto the Tau at the height of a ferocious late night storm. They came crashing into the clearing from all directions. Soulfire had anticipated encountering only small scouting patrols, but this was an elite force complete with a pair of heavy walkers and armor.
• Ork Movement Phase: Skrappchukka and Weirdboy Snotz approached from the east and Krunchbag and his burna boys advanced from the west.
• Ork Psychic Phase: Snotz failed to manifest any powers.
• Ork Shooting Phase: Krunchbag neutralized two drones and three stealth suits in Firesoul’s escort.
• Ork Assault Phase: Out of range for assault.
• Tau Movement Phase: A gravimetric anomaly lifted the Crimson Thunder into the air. Soulfire and the skimmers moved into position to engage the enemy.
• Tau Psychic Phase: The Tau chose not to use their four psychic points.
• Tau Shooting Phase: Markerlights burst across the battle field. Pathfinder rail rifle snipers wreck a warbuggy. Commander Soulfire turns the engine of Krunchbag’s truck into slag while her escort, one of the Devilfish, and overcharged ion rifles put the rest of Krunchbag’s boys to the ground. Skimmers try to damage the heavy armor on the eastern front.
• Tau Assault Phase: Soulfire and her remaining escort jump to support the eastern flank.

Turn 2

• Ork Movement Phase: Scrappchukka commands a WAGGGHHH! and the Ork forceses close in on the Tau position.
• Ork Psychic Phase: Snotz tears of a fusion blaster from one of the piranhas.
• Ork Shooting Phase: The Orks still have little luck shooting in the poor visibility of the storm.
• Ork Assault Phase: The remaining boys on the west swarm around and wreck the devilfish. Boys on the east assault the skimmers, neutering the piranhas.
• Tau Movement Phase: The Tau consolidate into the center. The Crimson Thunder return to the battle field.
• Tau Psychic Phase: The Tau withhold six psychic points – brazen.
• Tau Shooting Phase: Ion cannons reduce the boys on the west in half. The crimson thunder eliminate all of the grots on the west. The shooting on the east doesn’t accomplish nearly as much, culminating in removing a few hull points and some burna boyz on the east.
• Tau Assault Phase: the Crimson Thunder and Soulfire maneuver into position on the east.


Turn 3

• Ork Movement Phase: Orks continue to advance on the Tau position.
• Ork Psychic Phase: Snotz continues to use his killbolt attack with great efficacy.
• Ork Shooting Phase: The Tau position gets devastated by tank fire, as the tank team finally gets its act together.
• Ork Assault Phase: Scrappshukka gets into assault range, and devastates the remaining devilfish.
• Tau Movement Phase: by this point, the pathfinders have no place to redeploy to. The Crimson Thunder and Soulfire continue to reposition along the northern and southern flanks.
• Tau Psychic Phase: the Tau decide to pass on using six psychic points.
• Tau Shooting Phase: the Crimson Thunder wipe out another unit of boys and Soulfire attempted to bring down one of the walkers.
• Tau Assault Phase: The Crimson thunder positions itself to sweep another unit of greenskins.

h3. Turn 4

• Ork Movement Phase: the Orks maneuver in for the final assault.
• Ork Psychic Phase: Snotz continues to killbolt into the fray, targeting some on his side by accident.
• Ork Shooting Phase: the Orks continue to bombard the Tau position prior to the final assault.
• Ork Assault Phase: Scrapchukka tears through a final ranks of pathfinders, though armed with EMP grenades they don’t go down without a fight.
• Tau Movement Phase: Soulfire signals a retreat.
• Tau Psychic Phase: with the retreat in full swing, the Tau abstain from using their three psychic points.
• Tau Shooting Phase: Soulfire and the Crimson Thunder laydown covering fire while the remaining pathfinders and pilots cart of the wounded into the jungle.
• Tau Assault Phase: Soulfire and the Crimson Thunder fall back beyond the reach of Skrappchukka’s reach.


The Ork Response was far stronger than anticipated. Commander Soulfire’s Cadre endured severe casualties, but was not completely wiped out. The thick vegetation allowed for several of the wounded to retreat to several designated reconnoitering sites. Soulfire was uninjured herself, as were the Crimson Thunder. No doubt the Orks would soon figure out how to compromise the communication systems and reap havoc on the Contingent’s logistics. Soulfire would need reinforcements if she were to attempt to re-take the array.


Eversor sheareraehs

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